ERP & business solutions

ERP system is core of every corporate information system – a set of tools supporting key business processes and managing its data. To maximize the benefit of ERP and the whole company information system it is important to implement corporate processes into the ERP. Security and reliability of the systems is also key and requires continuous management.

Todays companies are forced to work with huge amount of data and need to use it in an effective way to be successful in the competitive environment. This moves forward also the needs of the level of integration of the systems into the company processes. Next to the basic areas as sales support, operations and production, projects, purchasing, warehousing, logistics, finance, controlling, HR and others there is need to integrate other support and specific processes. Starting with Business Intelligence, portal solutions through technology processes integration, MES and security systems, mobile data collection up to fully customer specific processes and applications.


S&T CZ is thanks to its long time experience and skilled team of specialists ready to support you in the whole information system lifecycle:
  • Design an optimal ERP system model
  • Implement the designed solution including its integration and possible development of new components or their addition to existing systems including the necessary IT infrastructure and systems software
  • SLA based system support
  • Provide the system to you as a service
  • Expend thew knowledge of your customers and extend the information system to maximize the ROI.

Products and solutions

S&T CZ designs, implements, delivers and manages solution from several key vendors. This enables our consultants and engineers to choose the best technology for every customer.



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