Transport request

Please note:

The transportation can be ordered only for PC or notebook.

It there is a warranty repair, you have to send the equipment, including evidence of warranty (the invoice with serial number, or only the invoice and delivery note).

A customer is responsible for packaging equipment to its original packaging or another adequate. For any damage to equipment during transport due to poor packaging is the responsibility of the sender.

The customer pays for basic diagnostics of faults in the event that the failure does not a product is found to be fully functional as a technician in warranty and out of warranty service, and also in the event that the customer, for whatever reason, refuses after primary diagnosis of detect removal.

If the customer finds any disagreement after receiving orders from repair, he has to contact service no later than 48 hours after receiving the repaired device. Later complaints wonˈt be considered!

S&T CZ s.r.o. doesn“t warrant or guarantee the status of devices that arenˈt under warranty during the repair.
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