About us

S&T in the Czech Republic
S&T CZ is one of the ten largest system integrators in the Czech Republic. The company is part of a multinational S&T AG group, a leading European supplier of IT solutions and services, represented in 19 European countries. In the Czech Republic, S&T CZ has a team of 215 professionals and it has offices in eight cities: Prague, Brno, Liberec, Pilsen, České Budějovice, Pardubice, Olomouc, and Ostrava. The local S&T group also includes the supplier of medical technology, S&T Plus. The headquarters of the multinational S&T group is in Linz, Austria.

In 2006, S&T CZ significantly strengthened its market position with the acquisition of Grall, the reputable system integrator. In early 2009, the company realized a merger with GCC Services.

In the Czech Republic, the company has the longest tradition in the field of information technology, together with IBM. It has been continuously active since 1967 when it operated as ICL. Later, S&T CZ used the name Fujitsu Services and S&T Services Czech Republic.

The history of the company:

The history of S&T CZ dates back to 1967 when it started operating as a branch of ICL, the British computer company. In the Czech market, S&T is growing mainly by acquisitions.

Major recent milestones:

1999 – S&T enters the Czech market with the acquisition of Hermes Plus (now S&T Plus)
2001 – expansion of business in IT with the acquisition of NEOS Computer
2001 – acquisition of GCC Services, the IT service organization
2003 – acquisition of Fujitsu Services (formerly ICL)
2005 – acquisition of Varias
2006 – acquisition of GRALL group
2008 – merger with GCC Services

International S&T AG, a leading provider of IT solutions and services, in addition to the Czech and Austrian represented in 19 countries. Thanks to this S&T has local representation and exeptional professional knowledges of all keys IT disciplines.

S&T CZ designs, delivers and supports information systems and provides services and authorized service in information technology.

The offer of our products and services focuses on the following areas:

  • overal enterprise IT infrastructure solutions
  • ERP systems using SAP and Infor technology
  • solutions for archiving and backup data
  • virtualization solutions (servers, desktops)
  • BI/DW solutions
  • solutions to the corporate IT security
  • cloud solutions
  • mobility solutions, BYOD
  • intranet and portal solutions
  • document management of systém
  • printing solutions
  • guarantee and warranty repairs ICT hardware
  • …and many other solutions and services

Our customers

S&T CZ delivers services and solutions to the commercial sector and public administration. The most important customer groups include:
  • banking and financial services
  • automotive industry
  • aerospace and defense
  • retail
  • network industries (utilities)
  • telecommunications
  • public administration
  • manufacturing

The long-term key customers include Škoda Auto, Komerční banka, Česká spořitelna (Czech Savings Bank), Citibank, RWE, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Regional Development, and more.